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Bylaws of the Board of Trustees of the Lansing Community Library
Mission Statement

The Mission of the Lansing Community Library is to

  • Maintain and improve the quality of life for the citizens of the Lansing Community by providing access to information, cultural resources, and opportunities for personal enrichment; 

  • Provide information, educational, and recreational reading for users of all ages;

  • Provide expertise and current technology for equal access to superior library services, materials, personnel, and facilities.


Preamble The Board of Trustees (hereinafter designated as the "Board") of The Lansing Community Library, a corporation created under a charter granted under Section 253 of the New York State Education Law by the Board of Regents of the State of New York, dated 18 March 2008, shall be governed by the laws of New York State, the regulations of the Commissioner of Education and by the following by-laws.


a. The name of the organization shall be the Lansing Community Library.
a. The purpose of the organization is to provide superior library service to the residents of the communities of the Lansing Central School District.
a. The fiscal year of the library shall be the calendar year.
a. The library shall be governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board shall consist of nine (9) members, elected for terms of three (3) years each. Newly elected members will take office at the first meeting following the April library vote for a term that takes effect June 1.
b. Eligibility for office shall be residents of the Lansing School District.
c. Candidates for the office of trustee of the Lansing Community Library shall be nominated by petition, the nominating petition shall be signed by at least twenty-five (25) qualified voters of the Lansing Central School District, or two percent of the voters who voted in the last previous annual election of the Lansing Central School District, whichever is greater.
d. Absence from three consecutive meetings shall constitute automatic dismissal from the Board unless the Board defers this dismissal by majority vote. The 2 President shall inform the absent Board Member in writing that he/she is no longer on the Board. If dismissal is deferred by Board action the President shall inform the absent Board Member in writing the conditions of this deferral.
e. No member shall serve for more than three consecutive three-year terms. Any vacancy shall be filled by special election by the remaining members of the Board for the remainder of the term of that particular position.
g. Each Trustee shall have one vote, irrespective of office held.
h. A Trustee must be present at a meeting to have his/her vote counted.
i. All actions of the Board shall be of the Board as a unit. No Board member shall act alone on behalf of the Board, on any matter, without prior approval of the Board. No Board member by virtue of his/her office, shall exercise any administrative responsibility with respect to the library nor, as an individual, command the services of any library employee.


a. The officers of the Board shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer elected annually by the Board at the June meeting. These officers shall serve for a period of one year or until their successors shall have been duly elected. The President shall not serve more than two consecutive terms unless by unanimous board consent.
b. The duties of such officers shall be as follows:




i. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board, authorize calls for any special meetings, appoint all Board committee members, execute all documents authorized by the Board, serve as an ex-officio voting member of all committees, and generally perform all duties associated with that office.
ii. The Vice-President, in the event of the absence or disability of the President, or of a vacancy in that office, shall assume and perform the duties and functions of the President.
iii. The Secretary shall keep a true and accurate record of all meetings of theBoard, shall issue notice of all regular and special meetings, and shall perform such other duties as are generally associated with that office.
iv. The office of Treasurer is authorized by the Board to sign checks, shall serve on the finance committee, and shall draw up checks. The Treasurer shall keep all financial records of the Board. The normal depository of all financial records shall be the library. The Treasurer shall have charge of the library funds and income, sign all the checks on the authorization of the Board, and report at each meeting the state of the funds. A second member of the Finance Committee will be added to the bank signature cards and be authorized to pay bills or sign checks as necessary, in the absence of the Treasurer or when he or she is unable to serve. The Treasurer shall be bonded in the amount to be approved by the Board and according to statute requirement. The Treasurer is authorized to pay salaries and insurance bills as they come due.

a. The Board shall appoint a Library Manager (LM) who shall be the executive officer of the policies of the Board and shall have charge of the administration of the library under the direction and review of the Board.
b. The LM shall be responsible for the care of the buildings and equipment; for the employment and direction of the staff; for the efficiency of the library's service to the public; and, in conjunction with the Board of Trustees, for the operation of the library under the financial conditions contained in the annual budget.
c. The LM shall render and submit to the Board reports and recommendations of such policies and procedures, which, in the opinion of the LM, will improve efficiency and quality of library service.
d. The LM shall attend all Board meetings except the portion of the meeting at which the LM's appointment or salary is to be discussed or decided.

a. Committee Policies





i. Each committee shall make a report to the Board at each of its meetings.
ii. No committee will have other than advisory powers unless, by suitable action of the Board, it is granted specific power to act.
iii. The President shall be, ex officio, a member of all committees.
iv. Committees for specific purposes may be appointed by the President. Such committees shall serve until the completion of the work for which they were appointed.
v. Non-board members may be appointed to any committee.

b. Standing Committees The LM will serve on all committees as an ex-officio and advisor with no voting rights.

i. Finance Committee: The Finance Committee shall be comprised of at least two of the nine members of the Board of Trustees and the Treasurer. The Finance Committee’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, drafting a preliminary Budget for full Board approval, drafting a levy for full Board approval, drafting a working budget for full Board approval, monitoring library investments, and implementing the library’s investment policy.
ii. Personnel Committee: The Personnel Committee shall be comprised of at least two of the nine board members of the Board of Trustees including the President. The Personnel Committee’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, preparation of the annual review of the LM for discussion among the full Board prior to the formal review, assisting the LM in the preparation of his or her annual statement of goals and objectives for the coming year, and assuming a leadership role in the resolution of any personnel conflict which cannot be resolved by the LM. The LM is responsible for the annual review of all other library employees.
iii. Policy Committee: The Policy Committee shall be comprised of at least two of the nine board members of the Board of Trustees. The primary responsibility of the Policy Committee is to develop Library Policy. This policy shall include, but not be limited to, the division of responsibility between Board and staff, a Library Collection Policy, and shall adhere to the “Library Bill of Rights” and the “Freedom to Read” statements of the American Library Association. The committee shall determine the library regulations governing the use of the library and review sections of existing policy in a systematic fashion to ensure that all policy is reviewed at an interval not to exceed three years. As a result of such policy reviews, the Policy Committee will make recommendations regarding additions or changes to existing policy as well as deleting policies which are no longer appropriate or of value. All library policies must be approved by Board vote and made readily available to the public.
iv. Building and Grounds Committee: The Building and Grounds Committee shall be comprised of two of the nine members of the Board of Trustees. The Building and Grounds Committee’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, conducting an annual inspection of the library’s physical facility to identify areas which are in need of repair, and making recommendations to the full Board regarding any and all repairs which are deemed necessary either as a result of the annual inspection or throughout the year as the need arises.

c. Ad Hoc Committees

i. Librarian Search Committee: When the position of librarian falls vacant, the Board shall immediately select an acting librarian for the interim and establish a Librarian Search Committee, which shall consist of the President and two members elected from the Board. Applications for the position of librarian shall be filed at the library and available to all Board members. The Search Committee shall report the results of applications and interviews to the Board. Five votes shall be required for the Board to hire a Librarian, after which the Search Committee is dissolved.
ii. Nominating Committee: A nominating committee for new officers will be appointed one (1) month prior to the Annual Meeting and present a slate of names for candidates for new officers. Additional nominations may be made from the floor.
iii. Other Ad Hoc committees will be maintained as necessary, and include at least two of the nine members of the Board of Trustees.



a. Meetings shall be held each month. Notification of all meetings shall be provided to each member within a reasonable timeframe prior to before the meeting.
b. Executive sessions of the Board may be called at any time by the President or upon the request of three members for a specific purpose. No business may be transacted at such special meeting except the stated business.
c. The preliminary budget for the subsequent calendar year, required for submission to the library’s charter service area, shall be presented for Board approval at the regular meeting in February.
d. The Annual Meeting shall be held in April of each year. The business transacted at this meeting shall include presentation of operating and financial reports for the previous year, and presentation of the final budget for the subsequent calendar year. The Lansing Community Library annual vote for new trustees and any budget increases will be held in April at the library.
e. A simple majority of the existing Board shall constitute a quorum for the conducting of all business. If a quorum is not present at a regular meeting, the attending members may set a date for another meeting to be held within one week, and the presiding officer shall notify the absent members of this specially called meeting.
f. The order of business for regular meetings shall include, but not be limited to, the following items which shall be covered in the sequence shown unless circumstances make an altered order more efficient:

i. Review of minutes of previous regular meeting and any intervening special meetings
ii. Treasurer's report and action on expenditures
iii. Library Manager’s report
iv. Committee reports v. Friends of LCL report
vi. Unfinished business
vii. New business
viii. Period for Public Expression


a. Amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed at any regular meeting and shall be voted upon at the next regular meeting. Written notice of the proposed amendment or amendments shall be sent to all absent members at least ten days prior to the voting session. A simple majority of the Board shall be sufficient for adoption of an amendment.
b. Any rule or resolution of the Board, whether contained in these By-Laws or otherwise, may be suspended temporarily in connection with business at hand, but such suspension, to be valid, may be taken only at a meeting at which two-thirds of the members of the Board shall be present and two-thirds of those present shall so approve.

All procedures not specified herein shall be in accord with Robert's Rules of Order, Revised.

Approved by the Lansing Community
Library Board of Trustees on 09/24/14.