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The Lansing Community Library Center (LCLC) opened its doors in 2001 in response to a growing interest from local residents, young and old, in local library services. Over a seven-year period, Lansing Library services grew from a designated
reading room of the Tompkins County Public Library (TCPL) to a public library owned and governed by the Lansing Community.

 The LCLC began its life in the old Town Hall with books borrowed from the Tompkins County Public library and a dedicated volunteer staff.



Funded by a grant from a local foundation, LCL in spring 2009 became a full member of the Finger Lakes Library System’s integrated library database which uses Polaris software; this system allows library staff, volunteers, and patrons full computer access to holdings in LCL and the other 33 libraries of the Finger Lakes Library System. LCL has always provided public computers and free wireless Internet access to all patrons. With holdings of over 36,000 books, DVDs, audiobooks on CD, and public meeting rooms, adult and children programming, art displays, reading corners, and access to every library in the Finger Lakes, LCL has become an exciting and integral part of the Lansing landscape.


On February 26, 2007, the Friends and volunteers of LCLC opened the doors to a newly expanded and renovated library. This project was fully paid for by the Friends of LCLC through grants and donations, giving the Lansing Community a debt-free, handicapped-accessible library building with a children’s room for reading and programming, a community meeting room, a periodical and reference room, administrative space, storage areas, and 25% more book space than what was available before renovations.


On December 11, 2007, the residents of the Lansing Central School District voted to permanently establish LCLC as a school district public library, now called the Lansing Community Library (LCL), for the benefit and free use of all residents of the Lansing Central School District. A nine-member Board of Trustees was elected and the members are authorized to oversee the finances and maintenance of the library. In 2008 LCL became a member of the Finger Lakes Library System and received a provisional NYS Charter. Most exciting, LCL hired its first Library Manager, Susie Gutenberger, in October 2008. 



The mission of the Lansing Community Library is to maintain and improve the quality of life for the citizens of the Lansing community by providing access to information, cultural resources and opportunities for personal enrichment through our library resources, programming, and events.


The Lansing Community Library is dedicated to providing informational, educational and recreational reading for users for all ages. The Lansing Community Library provides expertise and access to current technology for equal access to high-quality library services, materials, personnel, and facilities.​

The Lansing Community Library will always seek to have a dynamic dialogue with the residents of this area to ensure that it is addressing community needs.


YOUR library is now fine free! We no longer charge fines on late items. This ensures that all people have access to library books and materials, which is our primary purpose as a public library. Here you’ll find information about this new policy and how it affects you.


It’s good for our community. Our community is stronger and healthier when people have access to the programs, services, and materials they need to pursue their educational, career, family, and life goals. We hope this will encourage prior users to come back  to the library and attract new users to experience our offerings.

Late fines are not effective. Studies have shown that small fines have no impact on return rates. According to “Removing Barriers to Access,” a Colorado State Library whitepaper:  “The scant research on the impact of library fines and fees does not indicate a clear benefit to administering these policies and may be costly to enforce.”

It’s fiscally responsible. Due to the rise in electronic materials (which do not accrue late fines) and other factors, fines are not a sustainable form of revenue for the library. Money collected from fines and fees has gone down steadily for the past ten years, especially with the advent of autorenew.

To learn more about what this means for you and Fine Free FAQs, please click here.



Library Director

Susie Gutenberger

Library Assistant

Michelle Calupca 

Children's Librarian

Katie Senft

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Library Clerk

Maureen Carroll Dean

Library Clerk

Karyn Yahn

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Do you ever wonder where LCL is headed?                      Every year the Board of Trustees establishes specific goals for the LCL in the context of the LCL Long Range Plan. The goal of the BOT is to ensure good stewardship of LCL’s resources while maintaining a vibrant library that provides a critical function within our community.



The LCL Board of Trustees meets every fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM, except July, when there is no formal meeting. All meetings are open to the public and members of the community who have comments for the Board are asked to limit their time to 3 minutes. Upcoming trustee meetings are listed on our CALENDAR .














The 2019 Annual Meeting was held on Monday, April 29, 2019 at 7pm in the downstairs community room at the LCL. The 2019 annual trustee election and budget vote was held on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 from 10am – 8pm in the downstairs community room at the LCL.  Three new Trustees - Christina Forties, Elizabeth Gossett, and Maureen Trowbridge - were elected to 3 year terms. The proposed 2020 budget was approved. The 2020 Annual Meeting will be on Wednesday, April 22nd.


Monthly Meetings of the Board of Trustees (2020)

     (at 7:00 PM unless otherwise noted)

February 26

March 25 at 7:00 pm

Meeting Agenda - click here

Zoom meeting recording here

April 22 - Annual Meeting

May 27


Kathy McDonald



Christina Forties

Maureen Cowen

Elizabeth Gossett

Maureen Trowbridge

2019 Board of Trustees

Jason Cole (President)

Debora Huber-Hwang (Vice President)


Christine Eisenhut (Secretary)

Darcey Rigdon (Treasurer)

We welcome your input. Please email us with your comments, contributions, and concerns.




Each year LCL staff, in collaboration with the Board of Trustees, put together an annual community report highlighting important milestones, grants received, program attendance statistics, collection changes and improvements, ways the community can support LCL and much more. The annual community report provides patrons a snapshot of what the previous 12 months have been like at LCL.


2017-2018 Annual Community Report




The LCL Board of Trustees approves the library budget annually. 2019 Budget.

Proposed 2020 budget.

For more information, contact Susie Gutenberger, Library Manager at or Liz Miller, Trustee President at 




The Board of Trustees determines the mission of the library and adopts written policies, consistent with that mission, to govern the operation of the library.